Bullying at work

A lot of people have complaints about bullying at work. I personally have a lot of empathy for bullying at work as I’ve experienced it myself. Not many people can believe it but working with over 45 different women can create a real scenario of bitchiness. When there’s too much oestrogen in one place there’s bound to be some sort of conflict and that’s exactly what has happened at Charlotteaction.org.

For the 16 years that I have worked at Charlotteaction.org of https://charlotteaction.org/wembley-escorts/ I very very rarely come across any arguments or bullying at work but since the pandemic there seems to be a lot of pent-up tension that seems to be presenting itself as unnecessary bitchiness amongst the escorts. One particular escort Lisa seems to make it her lifes mission to upset the other girls on shift.

Lisa constantly make snide remarks to the other girls who are on shift criticising their clothes their figures their make up even their hairstyles. It’s like she just wants to get a rise out of them and cause an argument. She’s tried it with me a couple of times but I’ve been around longer than Lisa and I recognise her insecurities and childish behaviour is so I just ignore them. But she really does get to some of the other girls at Charlotteaction.org. A lot of the girls from Charlotteaction.org have come to me and explained how upset they feel about Lisa‘s behaviour and comments towards them. I try and tell them that they should just ignore her and that she’s just an insecure individual with a really disgusting behaviour however she seems to always manage to upset them. I don’t know why she’s on this trail of disruption as it’s been a difficult year for everybody sometimes I reckon that she’s doing this to make them want to quit their jobs so that she can get more clients and make more money.

Because Lisa is a beautiful blonde long legged big busted blue-eyed girl she is very popular with many of our clients at Charlotteaction.org. However that does not give her the excuse to criticise and upset the other escorts at the agency. The worst thing is her comments are so immature and child like it makes you feel that you’re back in year seven at school she has no grounds to make any of the accusations or criticisms that she does but yet she insists on doing it on a daily basis.

One day I just had enough of Lisa’s nonsense and decided to approach her and let her know that her behaviour is unacceptable. I explain to her that working as a Charlotteaction.org doesn’t only mean that you are a higher companion but it means that you work together with the other ladies here at work and that we should all work together as a team. However the way she’s treating the other escorts at the agency is isolating her from that team. I think she understood what I was saying I was quite surprised that someone actually stood up to her I’ll see you over the next few shifts whether or not she changes her Ways.

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